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Real reports on the electric vehicle industry cost roughly $5,000 apiece.

I don't want to miss the big picture of the biggest transition in the auto industry since horses -> cars.
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Let's create that big picture ourselves, together?

*The Changelog for latest adds can be found on this Twitter thread and on the newsletter.

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Or send the info to me at Jaan [at] evuniverse.io

Let's map the whole EV industry.

Hi, I'm Jaan. I'm doing this for both the EV community and myself.
There's 1,200 of us members already in the EV Universe and you're welcome to join us here.

I've added about 500 first nodes to the map, and I will continue to update it.

There's probably over 10k connections that aren't listed yet, especially supply chain.
Contribute new info via this form.

This map will remain here and free to use forever.
After 14th of August, another version that will be continuously updated by myself
will only be available under the EV Universe paid subscription (launching soon, ~$10/mo).
Why? So I could keep updating it and build more of these resources for us EV geeks.
I'll also make sure those who can't afford it can still access it in other ways.

Top 3 contributors by 14th of Aug will receive prizes*:

🥇 1st: 500 $DOGE + free lifetime paid member subscription of the EV Universe;
🥈 2nd: Tesla Supercharger powerbank + one year of EVU paid subscription;
🥉 3rd: One year of EVU paid subscription

🏵️ And every 3 nodes added = a month of free access to this Map.

PS! If you've got an EV-related product that you'd like to offer as a prize, let me know!)

*Prize structure is subject to availability and changes, if deemed necessary.

The Leaderboard

Nickname# of ContributionsLatest Contribution
ztrader9410Lightning eMotors to (a lot)
Andre8DiDi to BYD D1
Einevik3Volvo Cars & Group (reclassified)
u/wearedefined2Tesla to Giga Nevada
PlaneReflection2Canoo to MPP Skateboard platform
Samsara2American Battery Technology C to BASF
Veejay1Electrify America to VW
Zora-ReJoule1Honda to Acura (reclassified)
Evan1Tesla Roadster

*The Changelog for latest adds in more detail: this Twitter thread and on the newsletter.

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